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Pricing and Payment Options for
Bio hazardous Remediation Services

Our first priority is to assist families and property owners who require our services. We truly care for the customers we serve, and we’ll be by your side even following the cleanup. From our support network to our dedicated staff we are here to assist you. If you are paying with insurance, our standard service includes full detailed documentation and photography. We’ll even work directly with your insurance company if you prefer.

How Much Does Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup Cost?

The cost of remediating biohazards can vary dramatically from situation to situation, so we are not able to provide phone estimates without doing a proper assessment. When you call us, we’ll immediately come to the scene and prepare a detailed scope of work and a no-obligation written estimate of our recommended treatment plan. Our hourly rates are competitive with the rates of our competitors and currently being paid by insurance companies. Our normal practice is to staff all jobs with two technicians one being a supervisor, so that we can quickly complete the job while ensuring quality, compliance and documentation protocols. Larger jobs such as mass trauma, or faster turnaround requirements, We may require larger teams (for mass trauma, we can pull from any of our fellow alumni teams and companies to provide emergency-level support).

Pricing factors can include: the number of rooms affected (including pathways used by body transporters, medical examiners or law enforcement), level of structural damage (floors, sub-flooring, wall surfaces, ceilings, cabinetry, tile saturation), length of time left unattended, additional complications such as confined spaces, safety requirements, heat conditions, hoarding, machinery, or large amounts of personal property such as furniture and clothing. If you are paying with insurance, your carrier may not cover the costs of personal property so we will provide a separate estimate for cleaning and/or removal.

Payment Plans

We offer payment plans* for customers that are self paying for our services. We offer this service to our customers to help ease the burden of the cost to cleanup the property. We know that you have a lot going on at the moment and many things to take care of at this time. We want to help you through this process by offering this service.

How payment plans work:

There is no credit check and we handle this in house. At completion of job we require a minimum deposit of 20% or a $1,000 minmum. The amount you will pay on interest depends on the amount of time to pay the amount owed. We will apply a lien on the property and release the lien when paid in full. This is the fairest offer we can make to our customers. The interest is added monthly so the sooner you pay off the invoice the less interest you will pay. This interest is based monthly so if you carry the amount owed into another month you will only pay interest on what is still due. The more you pay upfront the less interest you will pay. Please contact us for any questions about our financing rates and we will be glad to come over and discuss your options with you. 941-315-6860



*Payment plans for job totals minimum of $4,500.00 or more.



Does Insurance Cover Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup?

Every loss is unique and while we cannot make any guarantees regarding your coverage, in most circumstances, homeowners insurance does cover our services.

If you have coverage, we will submit the bill to your carrier and work with them directly to resolve payment. You will only be responsible for your deductible if any.

If you don’t have coverage, we have payment options available. You can also use third-party sources of funding, lenders etc. or victim assistance groups help pay for these types of services

  •  Financial assistance programs

  •  victim assistance

  •  Discount programs

  •  Payment plans

  •  Credit card payment or payments

We can estimate your out-of-pocket expenses after reviewing the site and getting an assessment of the work needed. We can also help you review your insurance paperwork and speak with your insurance company on your behalf.

Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup Financial Assistance


Did you know that there are state, local and national programs to help crime victims with expenses related to the tragedy?

Biohazard cleanup is just one of many expenses a family may incur. As Florida's premiere specialized bioremediation company, Bio Decon Specialists strives to return your home to a safe, clean state by providing the most comprehensive bio recovery and crime scene cleanup services available, while minimizing your out-of pocket expenses. If you are without insurance and unable to pay for cleanup in full, we offer several options to assist you, including repayment plans and financial hardship discounts.


Nationwide and Local Crime Victim’s Assistance Programs


Almost all states have Victims Assistance Programs that provide social and sometimes financial aid to families who have experienced a traumatic loss. The National Center for Victims of Crime is a nationwide nonprofit organization that advocates for victims’ rights. Their database is one the most comprehensive online resources available, committed to helping victims of crime rebuild their lives.

Here are a few helpful links we like:

National Center for Victims of Crime


National Center for Victims of Crime