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We try to be as discreet as possible when at your property and show up with vehicles that don't have large signage all over it depicting what we are doing at your property. The only signage we have is what's required by the state for transporting bio hazardous material. Many companies show up to your property with vehicles lettered all over letting your neighbors know exactly why they are there.

We are one of only a few state licensed and registered Crime and Trauma Scene cleaning companies in the state of Florida to Generate and Transport Bio Hazardous waste.

Our Cleaning Process

We have over 11 years of experience cleaning and decontaminating microbial, and bio-hazardous conditions we employ a systematic approach that ensures that every scene exceeds Florida department of Health standards for hospital sanitation. We also employ future sanitation regulation standards to be employed in the following years keeping us ahead of the competition. We are skilled in removing harmful bio-hazardous and biological contaminants. Our goal is to return your property to a safe and livable condition.

Step One: Contain the area.

For ultimate control we setup a containment area around the affected area. With our many years in mold remediation experience this is something we know how to do very well. In some cases depending on the type of cleanup we use a negative air machine with HEPA air scrubber to prevent any contamination from leaving the affected area. We are the industry leader in using negative air during a crime or trauma scene cleaning.

Step Two: Protected Zone

Create a protected zone for technicians to dawn their protective clothing and protective measures (PPE) and to transfer disposal boxes.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE):

We wear protective clothing( suits, hoods, and boots), gloves, masks, and eye protection when conducting our cleaning at your property.

Step Three: Supply and Tool Zone

We setup an area with tarps to protect the property from placement of our equipment and tools. Most of the time we will have our tools being used in the containment area. When we store tools in this area they are transported back and forth by a technician wearing proper PPE.

Step Four: Cleaning

We photo document the whole process for quality control and documentation of work performed. We remove any materials that come into contact with blood or bodily fluids. We use an indicator to test items and surrounding areas for contamination. Some companies just assume that an item in the area is contaminated without checking first. When this happens more disposal containers then necessary are used incurring a larger cost of disposal to the customer or insurance agency. We avoid disposing items not contaminated. If items are not salvageable nor contaminated then they may be taken to the waste facility or dump. We place contaminated or soiled items in red bio hazardous bag lined boxes. After removal of any soiled items the left over surfaces will be cleaned and decontaminated.  We use EPA registered cleaners and disinfectants. Our disinfectants meet the OSHA blood Bourne Pathogens standard as well as The newFlorida State Department of Health future regulations for disinfection of TB. A chain of custody report will be left with you with the amount of boxes and approximant weight of boxes removed from the property.

Valuables and contents cleaning:

We understand that anything you own may be valuable to you no matter what it is. We will ask if there is any items that you would like to save or to be cleaned. We can clean most any item. In most cases items covered in blood or bodily fluids are discarded into the bio hazardous containers per owner request. Papers and documents may be professionally cleaned by a company specializing in document restoration but can be cost prohibitive. Again we will ask before discarding any items before beginning any work.

Non Cleanable Items:

Some items can not be cleaned effectively such as electronics these items will be cleaned as best as possible and placed in biohazard bags to be left with customer.


We use deodorizers and or Ozone to remove any odors caused by blood or bodily remains that were in the property.