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Crime and Trauma Cleaning is Our Specialty

West Coast Services offers professional crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup, trauma cleaning, tear gas removal, unattended death cleanup, rat infestations, and hoarder or gross filth cleanup to homeowners, property managers, commercial companies, military/government and housing authorities. Our services are typically referred by law enforcement, first responders, funeral homes and restoration companies.
We will proceed with care and compassion to remedy the situation at the property. Many times when covered by homeowners insurance we can make the calls to get you into a hotel for the evening while we perform our duties.

Suicide Clean Up – The aftermath of a suicide can be devastating for all involved. Our goal is to ensure that the needs of those associated are respected and that the property is cleaned to remove all signs of the event. when you return to the scene there will be no trace of the event. sometimes it is required that we remove certain items depending on the amount of damage, in which case we provide you with a full inventory of what has been removed.

Blood Cleaning – Following a traumatic event, blood may be present in the environment. Blood spills should be responded to immediately. Blood is a potentially hazardous substance. Blood in its immediate wet or dry state may contain disease or health hazards from the person it passed from. Over the long term, blood as biological matter, it will break down and decompose. This can lead to the proliferation of bacteria, insects and other biological decomposers. Not only will we remove any remnants of blood, but we will thoroughly disinfect the environment, removing all stains and odors.

Crime Scene Clean Up – Situations resulting from crimes can be difficult. After the police and crime scene units leave your property there may be tear agents, fingerprint dust and various chemicals that were used during the investigation. There might also be hazards such as broken glass bloody or not. We can secure your property by boarding up window and doors until they can be repaired or replaced. We provide all these restoration services.

Rodent (Rat and Mouse) Clean Up -- The passed matter from rats and mice may contain the hantavirus, Leptospirosis, plague. Infection with hantavirus can progress to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), which can be fatal. People become infected through contact with hantavirus-infected rodents or their urine and droppings. Our skilled hazardous waste professionals will ensure that all remains are removed and affected areas are disinfected and deodorized. We will work with a pest control professional to prevent future infestation. 

Car Accident Clean Up – An automobile accident may require that vehicles or property be cleaned to ensure safe use of future drivers and or auto technicians. Potentially dangerous biological or chemical contaminants may be present following this situation. Our procedures will ensure that the traffic accident scene or vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. In most cases insurance companies will require the vehicle to be cleaned before performing any repairs to the vehicle.

Decomposition or Unattended Death Clean Up – Following death, remains are usually treated appropriately and removed from a property. If left for longer periods of time, decomposition can occur at the property, resulting in harmful biological hazards, odors and damaged building material. Our highly trained technicians will work to remove  contaminants,  decontaminate the environment, eliminate odors and restore the property to a pre loss state.

Hoarder Clean Up- We clean all hoarder properties with respect and dignity. We will not make a production of any scene. If the cleanup is part of an unattended death we can perform both with a portion covered by insurance.

Urine & Fecal Matter Clean Up – The passed matter from humans and animals can contaminate the environment and leave behind damaged property and strong odors. Often this matter can contain harmful bacteria and other substances that are biological hazards. Our highly skilled hazardous waste professionals will ensure that all remains are clean and the environment is returned to a clean state.