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Biohazard waste is generally defined as any waste contaminated with potentially infectious agents or materials that may pose a threat to public health or the environment. Biohazardous waste includes:

  • Medical waste
  • Sharps
  • Other Biohazardous Substances

Categories of Biohazard Waste

There are four categories of waste. Each form is separated, identified, sterilized and recycled appropriately to minimize exposure and risk to the environment and general population.

  1. Solid waste includes non-sharp items contaminated with any bodily fluids or biological material. For example: gloves, pipettes, towels, or culture.
  2. Liquid waste includes bulk quantities of blood or bodily fluids.
  3. Sharps waste includes any materials that can puncture or pierce through skin and is contaminated with biological material that can risk transmission or release to the environment. For example: needles, syringes, scalpels, microscopic slides, small broken glass or tubes.
  4. Pathological waste includes human organs, tissues and body parts with the exception of teeth.

It is important for healthcare facilities to take caution while handling biohazardous material and that only trained personnel handle and transcript this type of waste for disposal.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

  • We answer the phone 24 hours a day every time the phone rings guaranteed*.

  • We are the company that your local law enforcement and government calls.

  • Savings of up to 20% or more than your current rate. A facility we service was paying to mail away 20 gallon containers and we gave them 30 gallon containers for $40 less per container. Saving them more than $44,000 on their Florida communities.

  • Family owned local company

  • No Contract! We are confident that you will continue using our services because of our great rates and customer service.

  • No mail away sharps or waste containers.

  • No excess handling or transporting by your employees creating a safer work place. We come in and remove containers directly from your storage area.

  • Multiple capacities for biomedical waste 15, 30, and 96 gallon containers dropped off and picked up.


Other services we offer that our competitors don't.

  • 24 hour emergency services for the following. We arrive with a average response time of an hour or less to start working.

  • M.R.S.A. or C-Diff outbreaks. We will bring waste disposal containers right away so that you can contain the wastes. We will remove the waste containers daily or as soon as your storage fills up. We will also control odors in the storage area.

  • Trauma scene cleanup. Injuries or fatalities on your property.

  • Blood or bodily fluid cleanup.

  • Suicide clean up.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of your bio hazardous storage room, closet, or area.

  • Sewage backup, fecal, rodent dropping, and urine cleanup and disinfection.

  • One of only a few companies to be both permitted and registered to generate and transport bio hazardous waste.

    Please feel free to call and speak with us about our services.


* If we are on the line with another customer we will call you right back.

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