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Not All Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup Companies Are Created Equal

As Florida’s leading biohazard company

Our bio decontamination specialists are dedicated to easing emotional trauma for those experiencing a homicide, suicide, or unattended death in their home, commercial property or place of business. We are also committed to protecting the safety of people everywhere.

For almost 12 years West Coast Services Inc. has specialized in biohazard remediation. Our supervisors and technicians are trained in Blood-borne Pathogens, Respiratory Protection, Hazard Communication (HAZCOM), Personal Protective Equipment, Confined Space Awareness, Fall Protection Awareness, Lock Out/Tag Out Awareness. We are one of the only companies to both generate and transport bio-hazardous waste. Most companies box it up and leave it at your property until the transport company picks it up. We can legally take it away from the property when we leave never leaving anything hazardous behind.

We are professionals most are not!

We have encountered many biohazard companies that claim to specialize in this type of work. Many do not fulfill even the minimum legal requirements dictated by OSHA, the Department of Transportation, Florida Department of Health and the EPA. Additionally, many of these companies pose a direct liability to their customers, due to lack of adequate insurance.

Not all crime and trauma scene cleanup companies are created equal

We view our service as highly technical work that requires trained professionals to fully decontaminate body fluids such as blood and other potentially infectious materials, with the strictest adherence to local, state and federal regulations.

If you are in need of a biohazard company, these are the minimum requirements you should expect from a professional biohazard restoration firm:

  • Compliant with OHSA Regulations and retrain annually.
  • Employees must be offered Hepatitis B Vaccinations.
  • Licensed, Registered, Permitted by the state of Florida and Florida Department of Health. (We have that :Visit Licenses page to see ours)
  • Properly Insured. (Some companies only have the minimum liability of 50k we have 2million.)
  • Possess a contract with a Medical Waste Disposal Company for legal disposal. (We use Stericycle)
  • Employers must give yearly training which includes the incorporation of new procedures.
  • Carry appropriate levels of insurance so that customers are not left open for potential lawsuits if an exposure incident occurs.

Cutting corners by performing cosmetic fixes and using perfumes to mask the odors will always cost less than using the proper chemicals, techniques, and regulations to fully remediate the scene. But the threat of returning bacterial organisms and the odors they carry, as well as the potential for lawsuits, is never worth the apparent savings.

For those in search of a biohazard company, or those who refer this service to members of their community, take a look at each company to see if they meet the minimum legal regulations, carry full insurance, and have a reputation as a true industry expert.